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The company at the front desk
The company at the front desk
DE intelligent technology(Dongguan)Co., LTD With more than 10 years, is a professional engaged in SMT(SMT) ﹑Lie down/Vertical automatic plug-in(A/I) ﹑And assembly(PCB ASSEMBLY)、The test materials processing and manufacturing services company;Dedicated to the development of domestic and foreign each big electronics factory OEM services,Excellent quality and good service;Has a plant area2500Square meters,The number of employees nearly person medium enterprise scale;With JapanJUKIAnd GermanyEKRAHigh precision equipment four production lines,PCBThe assembly line2The article(Equipped with the most high-quality domestic nitto wave soldering);Adhere to the people-oriented management concept,Pay attention to the quality of personnel training﹑Technical training and management skills,Has a number of highly qualified management﹑Technology﹑Quality control personnel;To the single side﹑Double sidedSMT﹑Soft board each process technology and quality control ability。For details

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The factory workshop (Hand plug-in location)
The factory workshop (Plate location)
The factory workshop (Test station)
The factory workshop (DIPPick up plate location)
The factory workshop (SMTWorkshop)
The factory workshop (SMTWorkshop)
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