And remit the infant island brand has a partnership:Ah oh chirp、Hey oh、Ai card na、Ember、Ann son、Pampers、Baby duck、The kiss、Beth mother、Because of beauty、Sea treasure、Chung post、DORA diapers、Engler、The mountain、Guanshan food best、Wide hall、Hals、Han Guobao diet、Biostime、Henry yuan、Kao、Huishan、Wyeth、Adds aodelaisi inc、Making wow bear、Carlotta、Current AIDS、M supposed to、The antelope、Rehau、Beauty、The good son、Mead Johnson、Johnson & Johnson、Pro...
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      To strengthen the construction of brand management and credit,Effective use of resources,Strengthen the resources sharing,Improve the effect of brand communication,To set up the brand。Brand department's duty is to develop in order to collect the infant island brand core value as the center of brand identity system,With the brand recognition system commander in chief and integrate remit all infant island value activities,At the same time optimizing efficient brand strategy and brand architecture,Constantly promote the brand assets value and maximize the reasonable use of brand assets。
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